We Are TradeKraft

TradeKraft is as music collective hailing from San Jose, California. Our mission is to bring exposure to new up and coming artists who are devoted to their craft, through song releases, live events, and our twice monthly spotlight radio show. Thanks to our multi-talented team members, every aspect of our process is done in-house, allowing TradeKraft to maintain its own autonomy and integrity.

No person is an island; TradeKraft acknowledges this and instead celebrates the virtues of collaboration and community. As its core tenets, TradeKraft revels in the wonders that are wrought when like minded individuals can come together in a supportive environment for an idea greater than themselves. This is our ultimate goal, a pursuit of truth and beauty, free of egos.

This is TradeKraft.

Just as truth transcends ego, so does TradeKraft transcend genres. Versatility is strength and we strive to seek fellow artists for their passion, their dedication, and their integrity, not for the moment’s trend. If you believe in our vision, let this be an open invitation to you as well.