TK008: Slvmm - Costa del Sol

We present to you Slvmm’s first official, original release: Costa del Sol! Combining his love for video games and drum and bass music, SLVMM has created an energetic tune which makes us want to get off our computers and enjoy the sunny summer weather. His use of fun and cheerful samples makes this song an excellent addition into any summer playlist, and it should definitely be listened to on the way to the beach! You can listen to it now on our SoundCloud.


TK008: Slvmm – Costa del Sol, brings the sounds of drum and bass to TradeKraft. With high-energy synths, rapid drums, and cheery samples, Slvmm has provided us with the perfect Summer tune!

Written by: Slvmm

Album Cover by: Arabela Espinoza & Brandon Feist