TradeKraft and Friends - Valentines Day EP

As a token of our love this Valentine's Day, we at TradeKraft Collective are proud to present to you the TradeKraft Valentine's Day EP.

The product of two months worth of hectic songwriting and careful curating, the Valentine's Day EP started off as a half-serious idea during a group hangout in Skylark's studio on a cold January night. We had an astonishingly productive start to the year; moods were high, and the creative juices were flowing. The question now was, "How could we keep this momentum rolling?". We had enough material to release a new song once a month, but was it possible we could do more than that? Enter the idea of a collaborative EP. As soon as the idea was brought forward everything began snowballing; calls were immediately put out to every producer we knew, and fortunately reception was warmly received! We even began receiving song submissions from artists we hadn't even reached out to! The final selection of songs on the EP however, are the ones we believe to best represent our vision for the project. These four songs are a reflection of the energy, the passion, the devotion to detail and complexity, and the love that these artists have for their craft we at TradeKraft always seek to cultivate.

This Valentines Day EP includes artists: MRVLZ, Paul Nayoki, Wooshay, and Skylark

Artwork by: Arabela Espinoza