TradeKraft Team: Brandon Feist

Brandon Feist

On top of modeling and running his own clothing line, Brandon hopes that with TradeKraft he may finally be a one man fashion industry.
Art Director | Technical Operations | Photographer

TradeKraft Team: Thien Nguyen

Thien Nguyen

He's the sharpest butter knife in the kitchen.
A&R | Radio Host

TradeKraft Team: William Houcheime

William Houcheime

Aspires to one day be another wealthy and successful Middle Eastern DJ living in Miami.
Marketing | Communications

TradeKraft Team: Sarbpreet Buttar

Sarbpreet Buttar

Food and Rock'n'Roll. Just don't tell him he has an eating problem. He doesn't. He can stop anytime he wants.
Social Media

TradeKraft Team: Dylan Baker

Dylan Baker

If you had to work with DJs everyday to make their music easier to listen to, you too would be chainsmoking Marlboro 100s.
Audio Engineer

TradeKraft Team: Arabela Espinoza

Arabela Espinoza

Valued for her good taste, sensible personality, natural charm, but mostly because she doesn't charge us for her services.
Graphic Design | Photography

TradeKraft Team: Deanna Villarreal

Deanna Villarreal

This tiny creature can often be found around TradeKraft Headquarters filming the crew. Unsure of how she's stuck around this long, it's probably for entertainment at this point.

TradeKraft Team: Tonya Dollente

Tonya Dollente

That adorable voice on TK Radio, which doesn't correlate to the actual person causing a ruckus in SF.

TradeKraft Team: Michael Mundy

Michael Mundy

Had fun once and hated it, now doing expense reports.